UNRESOLVED but CLOSED THANKS Re: Has anyone figured out how to play a .wmv file in Intrepid KDE 4.2

Glenn gamcclary at spiritone.com
Wed Feb 25 02:31:02 GMT 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
>> Do you have an MS Windows install on your machine? If so, you could see if
>> the movie would play on that.
> I deep 6'd Windows 3 years ago.
>> Regarding Dragon player, I'd tried it on a Fedora9 install and wouldn't
>> play dvd's, but seeing your problems with it, I tried it on Kubuntu
>> Intrepid 8.10, and clicking on "play disc", it played the dvd with no
>> problems. I must say, I was quite surprised, as I didn't expect it to work.
> Most everyone responding to the post have wmv's working.  If it is true that 
> only windows units will play the files, it is OK with me, but it would seem 
> appropriate to include the DMV factor on the download.
> I downloaded half dozen movies with the .wmv file type.  None play video or 
> sound.  It is a lot of lost download time.  I am going to remove them and stop 
> trying to download WMV's.  Thanks for trying to help.
> Steven

Did you try Gwenview?

I'm using Kubuntu 7.04 with KDE 3.5.6 Gwenview 1.4.1
which runs WMV files with sound.

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