Has anyone figured out how to play a .wmv file in Intrepid KDE 4.2

Nigel Henry cave.dnb2m97pp at aliceadsl.fr
Tue Feb 24 17:35:55 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 24 February 2009 17:05, Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Thus the DRM loving guys will quickly learn that it is not financially
> > worthwhile for them to use DRM.
> Most of the new released films are .wmv with DRM.  They do not include the
> DRM language.  So when you download, you only find out when the movie does
> not play.  It causes a lot of download time.  I can't really complain too
> much, without the normal capability, I would not be able to view as freely
> as I do. I am grateful for that.
> Steven

Hi Steven.

DRM was being used a while back by some audio cd producers. I believe that 
Sony was one of them. You could play these audio cd's on a standalone 
cdplayer, but not on your computer, because of the DRM stuff that was on the 
audio cd.

Regarding the movie you've downloaded (and I presume that it is a legitimate 
download), you should be able to play it on your computer. Whether it is 
restricted to being played on MS Windows is a different question.

I seem to remember that to view videos of the Chinese olympic games, you had 
to have some Microsoft stuff installed on your Windows OS. Not quite sure of 
the name, but something like "silver screen". These videos could not be 
viewed on a  linux distro.

I wonder if these movies that you've downloaded, with the DRM stuff protecting 
them, are also only viewable if you are using a Windows operating system. 
It's only a thought, but if you can download the movie, but then can't play 
it, there doesn't seem much point in downloading it in the first place.

Do you have an MS Windows install on your machine? If so, you could see if the 
movie would play on that.

Regarding Dragon player, I'd tried it on a Fedora9 install and wouldn't play 
dvd's, but seeing your problems with it, I tried it on Kubuntu Intrepid 8.10, 
and clicking on "play disc", it played the dvd with no problems. I must say, 
I was quite surprised, as I didn't expect it to work.

Best wishes.


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