8.10 Updates?

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Tue Feb 24 17:01:19 GMT 2009

On Tuesday 24 February 2009 10:51:59 am javaandmore at netscape.net 
> I have have been running 8.10
> without problem for a couple of months.? This morning's updates
> installed what looks like a half-baked version of KDE 4.2.? Windows
> can't be moved, minimized or resized.? Dialogs and the command shell
> will not accept keyboard input.? My system is now unuseable.
> Running apt-get outside of KDE reports - 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0
> to remove and 1 not upgraded (gwenview was kept back).
> Am I alone in seeing this?

Do you by chance have both the kubuntu-experimental repo and the 
"unsupported" updates(backports) enabled?

Also try running 
sudo apt-get install -f
to see if there is a conflict somewhere

Clay Weber

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