Were Intrepid updates the reason I lost my sound on the Intrepid partition?

Ric Moore wayward4now at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 20:15:32 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-23 at 14:46 -0500, Steven Vollom wrote:
> > Xine can address the sound card and affect the system settings. I've had
> > to find that out for myself. :) Ric
> >
> How do I see if it is a xine problem then?  Xine is a dependency for Amarok.
> Amarok does not open in a way to see any settings.  The author has a brief 
> message introducing himself and tells what we are using.  Right clicking 
> doesn't provide any settings or preferences either.  Should I remove Amarok to 
> see if that changes anything?  This is a list of what is installed for xine.
> amarok-engine-xine
> libxine1-ffmpeg
> phonon-backend-xine'
> libxine1-x
> libxine1-bin
> libxine1-misc-plugins
> libxine1
> libxine1-console
> I am at a loss what to do?
> Steven

In the past, Pulseaudio has been a pain. Maybe someone will pipe up and
relate how pulseaudio is behaving. With regards to xine, open up a movie
file and let it play. Hit the mute button and see if sound happens. I
had that happen for awhile where the mute worked backwards, then it went
away. No idea. I did fiddle with the xine settings, and turned off the
direct hardware mixing attribute which seemed to restore things. Ric


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