Were Intrepid updates the reason I lost my sound on the Intrepid partition?

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sun Feb 22 22:29:47 GMT 2009

On Sunday 22 February 2009, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> First off, I wasn't aware that apt used java.  As for borked, is a
>> bastardization of the work broken, invented by folks like me who can't
>> type well at speed. :-)
>I don't think that apt is Java based, but in any case he was
>_installing_ Java with apt and got stuck on the ncurses-based license
>acceptance screen. I can only assume now (four days after the fact, I
>don't read all the list messages) that he was trying to click on it
>with the mouse and therefore the Java installation did not complete.
Yes I believe that was the case, and the java screen was hard coded taller 
than his, preventing him from even seeing the "I accept" button.  Or some 
such similar bit of tomfoolery I've also seen.

Cheers, Gene
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