Jim mickeyboa at
Sat Feb 21 20:10:43 GMT 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> good topic.
>> i never used a webcam on kubuntu yet, though i do have one. not a
>> famous make or anything, a generic USB webcam.
>> i plugged it only once, opened kopete, and noticed that kopete doesn't see it.
>> nowadays i don't use kopete anymore, i use amsn and skype from
>> medibuntu. do i need any driver? any package to get camera support? or
>> it works out of the box? i have no idea. like we need "sane" for
>> scanners, do we need anything for webcams?
> Pretty much, this page sums it up:
> Also read:
> Any webcam with USB video class support will work in Linux, too, but
> for some reason there aren't very many such cameras:
Does anyone know of a Linux Application that will show video from a 
Network Video Webcam, I have a Linksys WVC210 that works great in 
Firefox, I wonder if there are any plugins for Firefox to control a Webcam.

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