How do I remove the confirmation window from trash? "Do you really want to empty trash?"

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Fri Feb 20 22:47:08 GMT 2009

> at the end, just go to trash and empty trash one time.

I load my hard drives and remove large quantities of data regularly.  Many 
times I am working close to full with a partition, so I have gotten in the 
habit of emptying trash quite often and thinning out marginally necessary 
material.  It has become a habit.

But each time I empty trash, which is a many times reoccurring process, I am 
upset by the act of an unnecessary mouse click.  It is really such a seemingly 
unimportant little thing, but I don't seem to be able to overcome the annoyed 
feeling.  My memory won't let me identify the other times it happens when it 
doesn't involve trash, but I do remember how that notice annoys me, every time 
it appears in whatever situation it arises.  It is kind of like a scratch you 
can't itch.

I thought maybe there was a check box that I haven't noticed that I could un-
check, or a simple command that I could learn and use whenever the intrusion 
appeared in another package.  I can't remember a single time the warning saved 
me from doing something that would hurt me, but I also can't count all the 
times the phrase has annoyed me.  I wish I knew how to write a program.  I 
would take the required time to figure out how to do what I want, it irritates 
me that much.  

My freedom has been oppressed many times in my life, so perhaps it is just the 
lack of choice in the situation that bothers me.  Having to do the will of 
others when it is not fair or just also may be the cause.  Nonetheless my life 
would be a thousand unnecessary clicks better if I could figure a way to do 
this.  I have been trying, off and on, for about 15 years.

I respect your solutions and am grateful for you help, I have heard many 
different ways to accept and cope.  Unfortunately they haven't worked for me.

I once was given a perscription for a drug that aligned the platelets in my 
blood to make them pass through my arteries easier.  I was allergic to the 
drug that helped so many other people.  My hands would swell up like balloons.  
When they were at their largest, the center of my hands would itch, deep 
beneath the skin.  Even though scratching would not reduce the itch, I was 
compelled to scratch.  I scratched completely through the skin and bled.  
Logic told me that scratching would not help so I shouldn't do it, however, I 
could not NOT do it.  I was compelled.  I still have the scars to confirm my 
story.  This unbelievably small issue is like that for me.  It is embarrassing 
that I am so weak that I cannot accept the task without being annoyed.  But 
when it comes right down to it, a person can not do what he can not do, until 
he can do it.  So I will be compelled to be annoyed until I am not annoyed, I 
guess.  Thanks friend.


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