Removing a package should erase half the system install??

Derek Broughton derek at
Fri Feb 20 20:32:14 GMT 2009

Ric Moore wrote:

> I was about to remove totem libparser package when I noted that it would
> remove gnome games and a bunch of other packages that I would think
> would have nothing or little to do with totem to the extreme of removing
> them all. I removed an older version of liblua and it erased my entire
> KDE install. What's up with all of those depends and why is removing one
> package heck bent of erasing half the total install?? Is there a way to
> circumvent that? Ric

Don't you think it would have been a little easier to get a useful response
if you'd told us exactly which package you meant?  There is no "libparser"
package, nor any package that I can see with a name like that related to
totem, other than libtotem-plparser*.  Which makes me suspect that what
you're actually trying to remove _isn't_ totem related.  And if it was,
say, libxml2, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you removed a lot of other

Similarly with liblua - there's no such library - but in this case kdelibs
(kdelibs4c2a) depends on liblua50 and liblualib50, so not terribly
surprising if it takes out your entire kde.

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