Letters lag behind my keyboard strokes. Intrepid 32bit KDE 4.2

Brendan mailinglist at endosquid.com
Thu Feb 19 06:48:14 GMT 2009

On Thursday 19 February 2009, Steven Vollom wrote:
> "Checking with top will let him know what's stealing the system time...."
> I don't understand what this means.  ??top??.  I am the only one using my
> machine.  No one ever comes over, so I don't know who to check with.  If it
> is my use of the computer, I multi-task all the time, I always have. 
> Recently I had to remove a 512mb stick of memory because it was causing
> problems, so I am currently only with a remaining 512mb.  Is that the
> reason?   Too many apps running to print the letters?  If so thanks for the
> info.

Okie dokie. Top is just a command one would run on the command line, but you 
don't have to use that. "Krunner"  or the "Run command" should have a button 
on it to launch the system monitor. You just have to figure out what process on 
your computer is sucking up all the juice.

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