Letters lag behind my keyboard strokes. Intrepid 32bit KDE 4.2

Clay Weber claydoh at midmaine.com
Thu Feb 19 03:16:17 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 18 February 2009 7:41:55 pm Steven Vollom wrote:
> When I write an email, the letters lag behind my typing.  It is very
> distracting.  I find myself stopping to wait to see if my words are spelled
> accurately.  I lost part of a finger and make a lot of typos.  Anyway, is
> this a configuration problem or perhaps a memory problem?
> Steven

On my old-ish laptop, I sometimes see this when running kwin effects, turning 
them off fixes it. might be worth a shot to check this out. I haven't tried to 
see if it is one particular effect, as it doesn't happen all the time, and 
disabling them altogether on this old laptop with minimal graphics 
capabilities is easier 
Clay Weber

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