I need help but don't know how to post the question.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 18 04:29:20 GMT 2009

When I was attempting to get my movies playing, I went to the Ubuntu site and 
got various instruction.  I remember during one of the installation procedures 
I got some kind of address code, but they did not explain where to put it.  If 
it was a password, they did not use that terminology.  Right now I am having 
difficulty installing kubuntu-restricted-extras.  I was having difficulty 
downloading it when Sun Java required acceptance, but did not provide a button 
to accept or any other alternative.  My packaging system has been pretty much 
locked up since then.  Recently I got help that allowed me to get into Adept 
again.  I then attempted to reinstall the extras, but was stopped again.  It 
looked like the repository was expecting some kind of code from my system to 
release data relating to Sun Java.  My thoughts go back to the time when I was 
provided a key of some sort, rather complicated with lots of letters and 
numbers.  As I recall, I was asked to put in a password, which I did.  It was 
my root password, because I thought that is what they needed to communicate 
with my computer; it may have been that complicated key.  If that is the case, 
is there a way to recover?  I don't know where that key is.  Perhaps I saved 
it, I don't remember.  I will look for it while I await some advice.  thanks


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