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On Tuesday 17 February 2009 4:13:57 pm Paul Rumelhart wrote:
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> Date: Tuesday, February 17, 2009, 9:04 AM
> Today I had a look at a few videos on the internet about compiz and
> kubuntu. Well, I agree that there is some very clever programming
> evident and it all looks quite pretty, but apart from all that, is there
> really any advantage to it? Or is it just an example of what the
> Americans call 'eye candy'?
> I use Hardy Heron so I suspect it would be a bit tricky to install it
> and get it running properly anyway. At the moment I can't see the point
> of bothering. Would it be better to wait for the new version of Kubuntu
> due out in April if I did decide to try it out?
> Just wondering
> Neil Winchurst
> There are some useful features.  I like having eight sides to my "cube",
> and being able to zoom out, rotate them around, and easily find the desktop
> I'm looking for.  You can set it up so that you can hold down the alt key,
> put the cursor over a window, and move the mouse wheel to make the window
> more or less transparent so that you can see what's behind it.  You can
> also set it up so that when you put the mouse over a window icon on your
> taskbar and see what that window is showing in a little popup in realtime. 
> It's also nice because a window that is not responding goes a little dark,
> so that you can visually tell when it is responding again.  I've also got
> mine setup so I can see through my background and can watch windows on
> other desktops.  This is handy for knowing when the stupid VM you've told
> to shutdown finally closes.
> Other than that, it's just eye candy.  However, I like the eye candy.  I
> like the wobbly windows when moving them around, I like the open, close,
> minimize, and maximize animations I use.  I like emerald, and I like
> watching the cube turn when I move the mouse wheel over the background.  It
> doesn't seem to slow anything down - movies I play appear to be just as
> fast.  So why not enjoy it?
> Paul

Me too, Paul.


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