How do I get an 8 sided cube using Compiz.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Feb 16 21:32:44 GMT 2009

> Here is another resource:
> From reading that thread and others in the google cache, it looks like
> you will have n*2 sides, when hsize=n.

I read all the posts and made a reply myself.  It did not really relate to my 
condition.  I actually had an octacube ??.  It had eight sides on the selfsame 
screen.  You could rotate and move it my dragging and holding down the left 
mouse button.  If you rotated it toward yourself, you could see the pages 
inside, and by clicking on the page you wanted it would rotate to that page.  
Now, I am trusting a not totally reliable memory, but that is what I remember.

Dotan, that is the feature I liked.  I would have my email package on one 
page, various applications on other sides, sometimes several different web 
pages, all relating to the same work effort.  You know me; I barely have any 
memory at all, so this way, I did not have to rely on my memory or taking 
notes on an office doc to keep up to speed with the work, I simply looked inside 
the octacube, selected the appropriate page and instantly moved to the needed 
reference.  It made my life a lot easier and more efficient.  The only problem 
was memory use, but I know with 8gb of memory in my new computer, it will be 
able to handle it.


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