How do I get an 8 sided cube using Compiz.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Feb 16 20:05:57 GMT 2009

On Monday 16 February 2009 04:39:36 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> Stephen, in how many dimensions does an 8-sided *cube* lie? :)
> Take a look at the fifth post of this thread, it may help you:
> --
> Dotan Cohen

Five more than the three it now has.  Dotan, believe me, It had 8 sides 
before.  When I set it up for 8 desktops, it set up as an octacube??  I tell 
you the truth.  Go figure.  Anyway if you expect accuracy from me, that is a 
little much to ask.  Thanks!


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