My computer time and date in the bios don't agree with the time and date shown on my desktop.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Mon Feb 16 20:00:12 GMT 2009

> Some BIOS will reset the boot setting automatically.  It assumes that you
> want the CD to boot first just one time, then go back to the HD booting
> first.
 Dear John, 

The problem is much worse than that.  When I downloaded the CD, I was doing 
that for my new computer that is not yet working.  It is 64 bit and has  been 
waiting for a defective motherboard for 3 months now.  I was attempting to 
install Intrepid on my current computer which is 32 bit and forgot that 
difference, and the smart part of the two of us, my computer and me, decided to 
let me figure this out before it would work.

Sure enough when I downloaded the 32 bit issue it worked fine.  I just hate it 
when I abuse you guy's time.  Please forgive the forgetfullness of old mind.  
I am very sorry to have bothered you.  Thanks much.


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