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Sun Feb 15 23:37:46 GMT 2009

Ray wrote:
 have now lost my grub loader thru trying another dual boot app GAG, that resided on
my original xp pro hdd0, so I am trying to find out how to copy the MBR that resides on my xp pro
backup copy back to the original?????
Yes these are switchable removable racks that are switch in/out before boot loading(when
switch on power to computer) and I dont understand the dual grub??????
and I use my dual boot quite often both Kubuntu and xp pro, when I had a dual boot
system with xp pro and windows ME I was able to switch in/out the racks with no problems
as they were always recognized  and these are my backups for both drives?????

drives c (XP), d (Kubuntu), e (bkup XP) are on 1 hard drive. 
No seperate drives

> o drive L (bkup Kubuntu) is on the 'rackable' external separate drive.
No drive L is in external usb hdd, when booted up switch in
and backup for xp pro and my old Me o/s in rackable drives, of which
I will turn the Me o/s to backup Kubuntu when it is recognized

> o you can access XP (drive c), Kubuntu (drive d) and bkupXP (drive
> e) using the grub menu. It's just you cannot access your bkup Kubuntu (drive L).
can acess drive c and d and backup K thru grub but cant access the rackable drives

PS wont due the below steps until we have a firm grip on the situation OK

####End of Ray wrote.#####

Ray, you were meant to send the menu.lst files separately direct to me. You could reply through the list. You did not send the print outs, right? But, nevermind, let's get on with it. 

To recap,
o   You need back the grub menu back.
o   Your rackable drive L is actually a usb hdd. (ah)

Let's get back your grub menu. You do not want your original XP boot back, otherwise you can only boot to XP. If this is what you want, there is a way to that. Let us know and somebody else can help you with this. I am not exactly sure it's fix mbr or something else. Vista and XP has slightly different ways of getting back the mbr's. Could google for it though.

I now understand you cannot boot up Kubuntu. Do not plug in the usb hdd. Use the live Kubuntu cd,
open up a terminal,
type "sudo grub"

at grub> type "find boot/grub/stage1"
you should see only one entry and it should say

at grub> type "root (hd0,1)"  
{if the listing  say something else, type this something else instead of (hd0,1))

at grub> type "setup (hd0)"
at grub> type "quit"

You're done.

Okay, the usb hdd.
Most computers should be able to boot up from usb drives, either through pressing esc key or other function keys, F12 at start-up.
That would be the easiest way. Please try this.

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