Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Mon Feb 9 06:25:19 GMT 2009

On Friday 06 February 2009 1:30:06 am Noguchi150 wrote:
> Hello everybody
> I have a little problem with ktorrent: when the download of a file is
> completed it says that an error occurred because the origin and the
> destination of the file are the same place, so I can't seed!!
> What should I do?

Open ktorrent>Settings>Configure KTorrent>General Options>Folders>put a 
checkmark in 'Automatically save Downloads to:'

When you deside where you want the downloads held while the download is taking 
place, you must create a folder in that location.  In mine I call the 
folder 'Downloads'.

I have several partitions in my computer, but I save these torrents in 
download progress in the following location:  /media/sda5/Downloads.  The 
address you choose in your computer should be typed into the box that 
follows 'Automatically save Downloads to:' as mentioned in my first 

Next while still in the General Options folder, and under 'Folders', place a 
checkmark in the box entitled 'Move completed downloads to:'

You will have to create a new folder to contain the completed downloads.  I 
use the same location for CompletedDownloads as I do for Downloads (only in 
separate folders' and call the folder just that, 'CompletedDownloads'.  In my 
computer it is titled /media/sda5/CompletedDownloads.  Whatever address you 
choose for your completed downloads, type that address in the box that 
follows the checkmarked item 'Move completed downloads to:'

Then click on 'Apply' at the bottom and close that page.

Now while your downloads are downloading they will stay in the 
folder 'Downloads', and upon completion of the download they will 
automatically move to 'CompletedDownloads', and can be opened and played from 
there.  Do not play any downloads from the 'Downloads' folder, because they 
are not completed and will not play properly; only play your downloads from 
the 'CompletedDownloads' folder.

Additionally, you can name your download folders whatever you want, the titles 
above are just how I named mine.  Everything should work fine then.

This should solve your problem.  


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