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alan c aeclist at
Mon Feb 2 21:50:35 GMT 2009

John Desmond wrote:
> Salutations, gentlefolk !

Welcome to Linux World!

> I recently switched from Windows to Kubuntu Linux 8.04.1, kernel 
> 2.6.24-14, KDE 3.5.10, and am wondering how to deal with the following 
> annoyances.
> 1 - Desktop icons - I'd like to change the icons so that 'file folder A' 
>   is represented by one icon on my Desktop, while 'File Folder B', File 
> Folder C', and so on, have different icons.  But when I click on 
> 'Properties' for that folder, then 'Select Icon - K Desktop', and pick a 
> new icon for that folder, the system uses _that_ icon for _all_ file 
> folders on the desktop.  How do I change that ?

Easy, if I understand you correctly:
With the folder icon on the desktop, right click Properties,
then left click the icon area at the top left of the properties 

There is a bunch of choice, and if you really want to, there is a way 
of creating your own icon, I looked it up once.

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