Konequeror as file manager in KDE 4.2 (Intrepid + PPA) doesn't exit correctly.

James Tappin sjt at star.sr.bham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 2 14:51:04 GMT 2009

On my "crash & burn" machine, I'm running Intrepid with the KDE 4.2 from
the PPA. 

I've configured it to use konqueror as the default file manager (just go
to system settings - file associations and bind konqueror to
directories) because I don't like dolphin's inability to embed display

Since the upgrade from the rc, whenever I log out and log back in, then
I get a message saying that konqueror didn't exit properly, should the
system attempt to restore the session? If I say yes then I get the
sessions restored but with two copies of the web browser window, if I
say no then I just get the web browsesr (sometimes) and at other times
no konqueror windows at all.

Any idea if this is a bug or a configuration problem, and if the former
whether it's Kubuntu-specific or an upstream issue?


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