Keyboard stopped working on default desktop but works on grub and login.

Steven stevenvollom at
Mon Feb 2 06:31:55 GMT 2009

A very new and confusing set of problems has arisen.  Without warning, 
the keyboard stopped working on the default user.  When I attempt to 
write an email, the cursor blinks, but when I type in the letters 
nothing happens.  If I attempt to use Alt+F2, the cursor blinks, but the 
letters do not print when I try to type them in.  Currently I am locked 
out of default user, because the session is locked and nothing types in 
when I use the keyboard.  I am in an alternate user right now, so you 
can see that the keyboard works in this login. 

I opened the computer and clicked on the repair option.  It did not 
repair anything.  I logged in using the terminal option, however, 
thinking that something like dpkg config -a might fix the problem, it 
did not work.  I tried to cd to something in the default user login, but 
it would not cd.  Finally, I remembered that I had set up an alternate 
user and entered using that choice.  When i got in, the keyboard 
functioned fine, nonetheless, I attempted to configure kmail and could 
not get it to work.  I then tried to configure Thunderbird and was 

I am in important email communication over the next few days.  It is 
very important that I access the default user capability, because there 
are records I need to communicate the business.  I consider it an 
emergency, because I am building a new computer and one of the new 
components failed from the start.  I have been trying to get the correct 
part exchanged for over 2 months and have critical reply data to get to 
the offending manufacturer.  The stress of the delays is overwhelming 
because I am afraid I have run out of time to RMA the damaged part.  Can 
you help me get the keyboard functioning in the default user portion of 
the computer?  Can you help me unlock the locked primary user?  Is there 
a way to take data from the default user and transfer it to the current 
user?  I need this ability later this morning.  Please help if you can?


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