Recent severe printing/scanning problems - USB-connected HP OfficeJet 6310

john d. herron paradox.herron at
Tue Dec 29 19:26:46 GMT 2009

Hi, all.

Until about a month ago I was happily printing and scanning on my 
stand-alone (not networked) workstation with this all-in-one device, 
without any particular set-up.
Then, in order to accommodate a PDF-manipulation utility called PDF 
Studio which also has a scan-in facility, I was told I needed to 
activate two modules to enable scanning from this utility: xinetd and 
saned, so I could scan with it via a 'Morena source selector'. As it 
turned out, I was totally unable to set up a connection with this Morena 
selector, so I'm now using that otherwise very useful utility without 
the scan function.

But since then, severe printing problems have arisen.

The printer does respond to routine commands (for instance, it does 
print out a test page, carry out cartridge cleaning and the like), but 
will not print  any document to paper (printing to a file works OK) from 
e.g. OpenOffice 3.1.1, even though the HPLIP Device Manager sees that a 
print job is initiated and then completed. Also, the printer's GUI has 
changed, now listing CUPS as the interface.
Scan jobs, that used to be initiated and completed on the spot (via 
gscan2pdf), now need to be launched in a console via scanimage and it 
takes about 1 minute for the printer's scanner to be recognized. 
Gscan2pdf and Xsane don't recognize the scanner module at all!

At some point I must've messed up something pretty badly in my 
configuration. Does anyone have any suggestions that would help me 
straighten out this mess I created?


Kubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron
KDE 3.5.6 - Linux 2.6.20-17 generic

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