SW for making notes on reading text file.

Billie Erin Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Dec 27 22:55:25 UTC 2009

john_re wrote:
> What's great sw that enables commenting, underlining & highlighting in colors onto text or html files?  Like what one could do while reading print materials - magazine or book?
> So, I'd like to use this on a web page with any "article" like text. & also on regular .txt plain text files.
> Anyone use this currently?  I'm thinking today's college students, who are doing lots of reading, & likely more & more computer downloaded material, might be a large category of users for this.

You can highlight text in an HTML document very simply. If you 
understand HTML this <div style="border-left:4px solid #ff0000;font:18px 
arial;padding-left:5px;"> gives a solid line on the left side of a 
section to bring attention to the text next to it. Kind of like if you 
drew a line down the side of a section of text in a book. And, <span 
style="background-color:yellow;"> is just like you used a felt tip 
highlighter to mark a sentence in a book. Don't forget the closing tags.

The first tag puts a 4 pixel solid red line on the left side of any text 
enclosed by the opening tag and the closing tag. The text is 18 pixel 
arial font padded  5 pixels to the right. You can change sizes and 
colors in the tag for different effects.

The second tag does just what it says above. Puts a backgrond color 
under any text enclosed by the tags. If you want different colors for 
differing levels of importance just change the color in the tag.

I don't know of any way to do it with a plain text document. I don't 
know if something like Open Office has a method either. It's not a 
function I've needed very often but handy to know.

I don't know about the great part but there's Quanta. I say I don't know 
about the great part because it's mostly broken in KDE 4.x. Still has 
all the basic functions but the plugins for the higher functions don't 
work. The last round of updates for KDE killed off the spell check 
function. There's talk of an upgrade next year to bring up to KDE 4.x 
compliance. I sure hope so. IMHO, up until KDE 4.x it was the best 
editing software out there.

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