Mplayer does not work in Karmic [partly SOLVED]

Perry pwhite at
Sun Dec 27 17:18:23 UTC 2009

Le Sunday 27 December 2009 16.43:00 Clay Weber, vous avez écrit (you wrote) :
> On Sunday 27 December 2009 10:17:03 am Perry wrote:
> > Le Sunday 27 December 2009 15.20:31 Perry, vous avez écrit (you wrote) :
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Mplayer does not work in Karmic (it does in Jaunty)
> > Follow up:
> >
> > I got it working directly from a shell.
> Have you tried going into mplayer's settings and changing the video output
>  to xv or x11? Does it work with other  video files?
> Running mplayer from the command line does not use the same settings as the
> gui player, so i would look at that
Thanks, that helped. 

I launched mplayer from kickoff, changes preferences/video to   
x11 (XImage/Shm) and preferences/audio to
OpenAL audio output.
Now I can directly click on a .flv and have it play with the subtitles.

Cheers		Perry

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