can't resize Kaffeine

Rolf Kutz rk at
Sun Dec 27 10:51:25 UTC 2009

On 27/12/09 10:42 +0000, Jim MacLeod wrote:
>Rolf Kutz wrote:
>> I can't resize Kaffeine in the vertical direction.
>> I can resize it horizontally. The Window is larger
>> than my screen. .kde/share/config/kaffeinerc has
>> the following entry:
>> Width 1400=1530
>> autoresize is off, I'm using Karmic with kde from
>> ppa.
>ALT + left click and hold will let you move any window off screen in any 
>direction. This should allow you to resize the offending window.

Thanks for the hint, which is a nice shortcut.
But it couldn't shrink it below a certain point. I
now figured out, that the minimum vertical size
depends on the fontsize. I did increas the
fontsize, because I use a high resolution screen.
Unfortunately the minimum window size of kaffeine
grows much larger than the actual screen, even
though there is still a lot of white space left in
all parts of the window.


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