Ubuntu 9.10 with Grub 2 installed in partition unable to boot

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Mon Dec 21 08:48:34 UTC 2009

On 21/12/09 11:43, Peter M Soares wrote:
> Thanks for the suggestions.  Installed grub into MBR and I can boot
> Ubuntu through grub. Got rid of the old /boot partition to restore XP
> boot.ini partition number. Another menu option gets me to the Vista BCD
> menu from where I can get to the three Window OS. Cool.
> Thanks,

Glad you're happy. Didn't really expect that, thought you're insistent 
on using EasyBCD to boot everything because that's normal for most 
windows users starting up on linux and afraid to cut loose windows, not 
because linux is not suitable but is 'too rocket science'. It's not.

You may keep checking on EasyBCD if they have newer versions that handle 
grub2 though, just to update yourself.

Welcome to the club.

Goh Lip

ps: please bottom post & snip if possible: it's the norm here.
     in Rome, we're all romans  :)  (do what the romans do)

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