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R. John Savage Jr. wrote:
> Hi All
> Does anyone know what the program is that is used for the format and
> install of Kubuntu? Can it be downloaded and used on its own for the
> purpose of formating, reformating and partitioning as boot able.  I do
> computer repair and disaster recovery. Disaster recovery synonymous
> with Windows. I need an open source version of (Partition Magic) so to
> speak. Any ideas?
> Thank you!
> Sincerely,  John Savage 
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You might want to also consider a LiveCD of Knoppix 6.04 or higher.  I
run kubuntu 9.10 KK on a computer with two hard disks, 500GB/ea, as a
hardware RAID 1.  Since it is RAID 1, kubuntu does not see anything on
the hard drive SDB.  On a LiveCD kubuntu does not allow access to
anything on the disk as far as I have been able to tell.  When I had a
problem with kubuntu, due to my own fault, I could not repair it with
kKK (Karmic Koala), I ended up booting to a LiveCD of Knoppix 6.04 and
was able to see the same data on both drives.  After I repaired the
defect in a file on one drive, I viewed the other drive and it was
corrected.  The fact that Knoppix allowed access to the second drive of
the RAID 1 was news to me.
That is why I recommend you keep it in mind as a disk/file repair utility.
I also have a copy of Ubuntu Rescue Remix 9.04, but have not had an
occasion to use it, so I can not address its value.
Good luck!


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