Archos media player - some files don't play

David Fletcher dave at
Thu Dec 17 08:30:15 UTC 2009

My son bought an Archos 3 Vision a couple of days ago.

The desktop machines and the laptop in the house are all installed with Hardy, 
and none of them are able to mount this player - lsusb shows nothing. But I 
have a mini ITX board with Karmic Server installed, and that one can mount 
the Archos.

I used rsync to copy a bunch of ogg files ripped from CDs using grip, over the 
network from my desktop, and onto the Archos. What we find is, some of the 
ogg files will play just fine on the Archos, and others don't. It just 
says "Play error" and skips off to a different file. I've been using all of 
these files on my old iRiver T60 for ages with no problems.

So I'm just wondering if anybody else here has the same media player? If so, 
does it work OK for you?



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