installed a little kde, it switched to it on the reboot, and most stuff is missing, no access to a shell of any kind

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Sun Dec 13 17:06:42 GMT 2009

On Sunday 13 December 2009, Bruce MacArthur wrote:
>On Sunday 13 December 2009 01:44:13 am Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 13 December 2009, Lindsay Mathieson wrote:
>> >On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 04:04:22 pm Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >> Greets;  See the subject line.
>> >>
>> >> If I can get it to do an init3, what would be the apt-get line to
>> >>  the rest of kde, plus the switchdesk command?  Its useless as it
>> >>  right now. I also have no keyboard, mouse works, but no keyboard.
>> >> was working fine under gnome before the reboot, and in F10 as you
>can see
>> >> its fine.  Windows opened by the menu have no close button, etc etc.
>> >> could run synaptic from the menu, but without a keyboard, I
>> >> enter my passwd to do any more work.
>> >>
>> >> Had to use the hdwe rest to get out of it.
>> >>
>> >> Thanks all.
>> >
>> >Does Ctrl-Alt-F1 to get the console work?
>> Not without a working keyboard.  Sorry, Lindsay.
>Since you do not have a working keyboard on machine you are discussing,
>you MUST have another machine which you are using for these messages
>(and much of anything else you do right now!).  This suggests a
>theoretical possibility of controlling the challenging machine with
>another computer.  Frankly, I have NO idea of what specific steps would
>be required, but is this an approach that you can at least try out?
Nope, its this machine.  Keyboard and mouse are a logitech wireless combo.

Somehow, what kde that got installed has busted the keyboard.  But as you can 
see, the same keyboard is fine when I'm booted to F10 with a full kde-4.3 

I made up a grub2 stanza that should do a 'single' boot last night but 
haven't tried it yet, life interferes. 

I also just installed the build of grub-1.97.tar.gz, and the update-grub 
script has been replaced with a grub-mkconfig, which if you don't give it an 
output filename just echo's the grub.cfg file to std out.  And it doesn't 
scan any '/boot' partitions but the one I'm booted from.  And it looks as if 
what it does is correct, as far as it goes.

So I'm trolling through the code looking to see if there is someplace I can 
give it a list of bios style partitions so it gets them all.

Thanks Bruce.
>Bruce   Mac Arthur
>     bmacasuru at

Cheers, Gene
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