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Perry pwhite at bluewin.ch
Fri Dec 11 19:32:14 GMT 2009

Le Friday 11 December 2009 04:15:04 phil kemling, vous avez écrit (you 
wrote) :
> well the adapter is back working 
Good news
> this is what i did i went into manage 
> connections deleted my router restarted machine with the first kernel
> got sound no network connection then restarted computer with
You worked hard trying different kernels here.
> then restarted 
> computer with kernel no sound but got network connection
You mean, first it doesn't work then it does, sounds like a Beatles song.

Well,  too bad, I did not learn anything precise but it confirmed me in the 
idea that obstinacy sometimes pays...it happened to me also that I got things 
working without knowing how, and I strongly believed that some of my failed 
attempts were due to a latency problem, or need of a reboot, or something.
Since you said you were a nebie, are you sure you rebooted when you installed 
new kernels, it would explain why didn't worked then did.

Cheers		Perry
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