KDE4 Ark functions missing

Mark Fraser ubuntu at mfraz.orangehome.co.uk
Thu Dec 10 10:15:21 UTC 2009

On Monday 07 Dec 2009 11:20:17 Mark Fraser wrote:
> I've just tried doing something in 9.04 that was easy in 8.04 and now seems
> much harder.
> I wanted to extract certain files from a zip file and drag them to another
> folder, but Ark doesn't seem to have the ability to filter file names any
>  more and I cannot drag multiple files out of Ark.
> With KDE 3.5.10, I could type in ov2, select all the files and drag them
>  out, simples. Not any more it isn't :(

OK, I'm getting really annoyed with Ark now, everything seems to be much 
harder to do if it can be done at all than it was in KDE 3.5. Are there any 
alternatives anyone can recommend until it is fixed?

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