No Process or CPU tab in System Monitor

Alvin info at
Thu Dec 10 07:39:02 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 09 December 2009 22:28:57 Randy wrote:
> My Kubuntu 9.10 locked up on restart after applying updates yesterday,
> and now when I try to run System Monitor, I get the following error:
> The file /home/randy/.kde/share/apps/sysguard/ProcessTable.sgrd does not
> contain valid XML.
> When I say ok to this, the System Montior window comes up, but there it
> is empty -- there is no CPU or process table shown.  I can add a new
> tab, but I don't get a full page display of the process list.  Can
> sysguard be safely resinstalled, or is there some other, less drastic
> solution to this problem.

I reported this yesterday:

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