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Le Friday 04 December 2009 11:56:09 Thomas Olsen, vous avez écrit (you 
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> On Friday 04 December 2009 11:18:32 Georgi Kourtev wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > I tried to share a folder on my machine to be visible/used by others in
> > my network.  When I go to folders properties and press 'Share', I got a
> > message that "SMB and NFS servers are not installed on this machine, to
> > enable this module the servers must be installed".
> >
> > Which are the packages that I need to install to get this work?  Thanks.
> Don't use SMB or NFS myself but I would guess samba samba-client
> samba-common samba-common-bin nfs-client nfs-common nfs-server.
I thought NFS was mostly for sharing files on UNIX systems although you can 
find M$ and MIntosh versions. I also thought Samba was the de facto M$ tool 
but Linux has it an can use it against M$ or Linux machines. (Please correct 
or update my knowledge if needed)

So why does the O.P. need both SMB and NFS?

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