Phones that work as dialup modems with Linux

Murray Colpman muzerakascooby at
Fri Dec 4 17:09:10 GMT 2009

I don't know the exact speeds, but in order from worst to best, it goes:

Dialup (almost never used nowadays - pay per unit time, not per unit data)

GPRS (2G, some phones call it 2.5G if it is slightly faster GPRS)

EDGE (2.5G)


HSDPA (3.5G)


On 04/12/2009, Christopher Chan <christopher.chan at> wrote:
>> /The word 'edge' also comes back in the model name of my phone. What
>> exactly does this word mean in this context?
> The type of data connection that will be used. GPRS = 64kbit, EDGE takes
> up to 250kbits I think (2.5G? connection).
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