Phones that work as dialup modems with Linux

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Fri Dec 4 07:29:42 UTC 2009

*Hello Everybody*

> I have a Sony Ericcson K530i, which provides a basic 3G (no hspa)
> connection. It still appears as a modem, can be used via bluetooth or via
> usb
> cable, and works fine. on Kubuntu 9.10 you can easily use it via
> NetworkManager  either through bluetooth (I have gtk+ program blueman
> installed for
> the sake of binding, kbluetooth might also work) or through usb cable.

*My phone is a "Samsung SGH-J700i EDGE Tri Band:". if I choose for 'mass
storage" in it's 'PC connections' settings, I can use the USB cable to
transmit data from and to the memory card via Dolphin. If I switch to 'PC
Studio', the combination of phone and USB cable is being picked up as a
modem by KNetworkManager.

> In my experience, Sony Ericcson models S312 (edge),

*The word 'edge' also comes back in the model name of my phone. What exactly
does this word mean in this context?

Respectfully yours.
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