firefox, asound, and kubuntu

Jesus Arocho jesus_arocho at
Wed Dec 2 05:04:20 UTC 2009

Not having much fun with a clean install of kubuntu 9.1.  First, the install 
did not recognize or properly configure my nvidia card; a quick compile with 
the latest nvidia driver resolved the issue, albeit with some instability.  
Second, I posted a problem with an HP USB flash memory; have not tried the 
latest suggestions.  Third, I realized that amarok does not recognize the cd 
rom when I insert an audio cd.  Fourth, no sound from firefox and flash plugin.  
I managed to make this work in the previous kubuntu version by selecting my 
headset via asoundconf-gtk.  I installed the package for asound gui and it 
would not run, usr/bin/asound is no where to be found.  What package has that 
file; a search in adept only brings up asoundconf-gtk.


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