ethernet connections in Karmic - how do I tame network manager?

Charles T. Bell cbell44 at
Tue Dec 1 22:32:36 UTC 2009

Lisi wrote:
> Can I just uninstall Network Manager (Network Mangler???) and create 
> an /etc/network/interfaces file?
> It isn't that it isn't connecting at all, it not connecting properly.
> Ping works - by IP and by URL.  (Once I have persuaded network manager to 
> start the connection. :-(  )
> IP address in browser works (after a fashion) for some sites but not for 
> others.
> URL in browser is completely non-functional.
> LinuxMint on this exact set-up was a disaster - but at least it connected 
> properly by DHCP.
> All help most gratefully received!!  (Honestly, Myriam - I really am 
> grateful - just very pushed for time on this particular job.)
> Lisi
Did you try running "dhclient" in a terminal?
Did you ping your router if you are connected to one?
If so, forget the question.
>From the above I can tell you pinged a site(s) online.
Compare the response times to your router response time
if you have one.  Else, forget the suggestion.
Is Network Manager  set to automatically connect?
The URL being non-functional suggests no DN Server, thus
the question about running "dhclient".
After your response to this, we can go further to find
the trouble.
(Keep in mind that for some reason 'ping' will work when
all else fails, even sometimes when a firewall is set to block
all connections to the internet. This is the way it was
designed to work.  When I was still working for a telecommunitions
company they once set the intranet so we could not get certain
connections.  I 'pinged' the URL and got the IP address and used
it in Internet Explorer to go to that site anyway.  They
eventually blocked the IPs as well.  Google was one.)

Tom Bell

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