video problem on install

Donn donn.ingle at
Tue Aug 18 21:46:34 BST 2009

On Tuesday 18 August 2009 22:39:32 uriah heep wrote:
> 64 bit 9.04.
I would *strongly* advice you install the 32 bit -- if you have the option. 
64bit has been a total disaster for me... I am going to format and install 
Karmic 32 when it comes out.

> is there a way during the install I can tell it to set up to
> avoid the video problem?
No idea... It should use the 'nv' driver (or some framebuffer voodoo) but I 
don't recall if you can set anything manually.
Just remember to try switch to a terminal (ctrl + alt + F1) and then you can 
go edit that xorg.conf file again.

Best of luck.
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