Clay Weber claydoh at
Thu Aug 13 00:03:08 BST 2009

On Wednesday 12 August 2009 06:15:58 pm John L Vifian wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 August 2009 1:12:27 pm Steven Vollom wrote:
> > steven at Yeshua:~$ less sources.list
> > sources.list: No such file or directory
> > steven at Yeshua:~$
> Steven, you should be able to figure out why this isn't working by
> yourself.
> First run: info less to find out what less does.
> Then if the output of your less command says:" sources.list: No such file
> or directory" then perhaps it is telling the truth and there is no
> sources,list in your home directory of /home/Yeshua/, which is just fine as
> there shouldn't be one there.   The file is in /etc/apt/ so you either have
> to run less from that directory or supply the full path and filename to
> less.
> As others have told you by now less /etc/apt/sources.list will do the
> trick, although I would recommend cat instead of less just in case the last
> few lines are what people need to see.
> Good luck
> John Vifian

I think we have too many threads on this subject :), this is OT for this one 
anyway :), and imo Steven needs a gui based bit of help at the moment
Clay Weber

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