KPlayer crash on quit

Brian Norman Wootton Brian.Meg at
Tue Aug 11 20:08:32 BST 2009

Ever since I started using KPlayer, it completely repeatably calls
the KDE crash handler on clicking top right button or quit, also
generates the KDE crash handler when 'K>leave>shutdown or
restart, if KPlayer was running. I've sent in 2 reports via KPlayer
itself and one via kplayer . but
have had no feedback from any of them. I did notice that the last
bug fix for KPlayer was 2007-03-10. Am I being too impatient, is
nobody at sourceforge actively working on KPlayer. How do I find
out what progress I can expect.
 It's not a disastrous fault, just a bit annoying, especially as it 
hangs the
shutdown  application(overnight in one case).

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