Error upgrading KDE version to 4.3

Nils Kassube kassube at
Wed Aug 5 06:33:08 BST 2009

Wagner Sales wrote:
> I've upgraded ( tried ) my KDE version to 4.3 ( most recent ) and...

How? There is no KDE 4.3 in the Jaunty repositories.

> Nothing works anymore!
> Seems to be kde packages needs qt4.5.1 version, and this packages
> aren't available in jaunty backports.

They should be available at the location where you got KDE 4.3 from.

> Since my machine are production environment (I can't stop my
> development), I'm using 9.04 with upgrades.
> I think the Qt4.5.1 packages needs to be available on jaunty
> backports. Can anyone helps?

Disable the repository from where you got KDE 4.3 and replace the KDE 
packages with the 4.2.2 version from the standard repositories.


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