video plugins for Firefox (Gerald I. Evenden)

Gerald I. Evenden geraldi.evenden at
Mon Aug 3 18:13:18 BST 2009

On Monday 03 August 2009 11:08:31 am Brian Norman Wootton wrote:
> I'm running Firefox /3.0.12 on hardy 8.04 x86_64.
> A few months ago I tried to update plugins to handle some of the newer
> videos but had a great deal of difficulty and thought I had lost Firefox
> altogether.
> Has anything changed to facilitate FlashPlayer and other updates for the
> x86_64 series.  Most of the Google results are dated and I hove no idea
> which may be sufficiently recent to be applicable.
> Pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank-you.
> -------------------------------------------------
> I'm running FF 3.0.12 on jaunty on a 64amd machine. I have not as yet found
> any video or audio stream that won't run properly for me, I can't say I've
> sorted this directly myself, just added in whatever plug-ins/extensions as
> asked for by FF. Here's the complete list of add-ons I now have.
> ------------------------------------------------
> Plug -ins:
> Default plugin for unix/linux
> DivX Browser plug-in
> gxine starter plugin
> IcedTea Java Web Browser Plugin
> mplayerplugin-in 3.55
> QuickTime Plugin 7.4.5
> Realplayer 9
> Shockwave Flash 10.0 r22
> Windows Media Player Plug-in
>  (mplayerplugin 3.55 video player plug-in for quick-time, realplayer, etc,
> etc streams
> Extensions:
> Google Preview 3.22
> Java Console 6.0.02
> Quickjava
> Javascript options 1.2.6
> Xmarks 3.1.0
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> My memory is bad, I may have installed mplayer and java from the repos
> as well as the above. I can't say how many of them are actually required
> to do the job.
> The only comment I can positively make is - don't have Amarok running at
> all - it stops all other video/audio players in their tracks in my
> experience. Hope this helps
> brian

What makes me most curious is how you obtained your list of plugins?  Did you 
keep a list as you installed them or are you able to get FF to regurgitate a 
list of what is installed.

The directory /usr/lib/firefox/plugins does not give me a clue as to what is 
installed.  And my browsing around the options on FF's toolbar does not seem 
to give me a clue either.

As a minor side issue, I have no idea what "Linux 10" and whether I am at that 
level with Ubuntu 8.+.  There are far too many layers of version/level 
numbers for my pea-pickin' mind to follow.  :-(

Thanks for the info and at least someone seems to be running with much the 
same system as mine.

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