3rd Party Applications

Goh Lip g.lip at gmx.com
Mon Aug 3 16:51:43 BST 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
> When I installed Karmic, my 3rd party Software shows many entries like 
> disabled on upgrade to Karmic.  It is logical that they were for Jaunty, but 
> should I remove them? Thanks!!
> Steven

Leave these alone, no need to uninstall; after Karmic is fully 
installed, reinstall these applications. They wont need to be downloaded 
again. Are you on alpha 3?
Again use
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

Any 'not-ready' packages won't appear and 'bug' you.

Below is copy of earlier message on apt-cdrom

> Steven, this may help ease in reinstallation of your OS, should you need 
> to do it. I am putting in a new subject so that it will not confuse you 
> with your current boot problems. Other than backing up your home, and I 
> understand you have a separate partition now for it, the following will 
> help you reinstall your various applications like biblestudy, wine etc. 
> without needing to download again.
> make a folder called say, Repo in your home.
> install dpkg-dev and build-essential
> sudo cp /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb /home/Steven/Repo
> cd /home/Steven/Repo
> sudo dpkg-scanpackages . /dev/null | gzip -9c > Packages.gz
> burn a cd of all the items in Repo

> After installation,
> sudo apt-cdrom add
> Whenever you do any installation, it will probe your cdrom and install 
> from there and use these files instead of downloading again unless there 
> are newer versions available.
> Before you copy files to Repo, it is advisable to
> sudo apt-get autoremove
> sudo apt-get autoclean

Goh Lip

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