Locked up in boot process.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 1 21:47:35 BST 2009

On Saturday 01 August 2009 08:16:47 pm Perry wrote:
> Le Saturday 01 August 2009 20:45:18 Steven Vollom, vous avez écrit :
> > See for yourself:
> >
> > ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ /boot/grub/menu.lst
> > bash: /boot/grub/menu.lst: No such file or directory
> > ubuntu at ubuntu:~$
> >
> > ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ /boot/grub
> > bash: /boot/grub: No such file or directory
> > ubuntu at ubuntu:~$
> Sorry Steven, I've followed the whole thread and I'm not in a position to
> help, only to ask some questions (well, sometimes questions help, but that
> is your ressort)
> I bet you have only one system installed, because the boot process is not
> waiting for any input...and obviously it boots since you access some shell,
> so grub must be somewhere, no?

I only have one OS, and currently one computer.  I am communicating and 
providing answers because I am operating using Jaunty Live CD.
> What I don't understand is the commands (or lack thereof) you issue.
> What surprises me is what bash answered.
> Perhaps you could experiment somewhat with commands such as "ls", "cd",
> "cat", see if "startx" works.

excepting I am using something like dpkg --configure -a or similar, I only use 
the command line as instructed.  Nonetheless, I tried a few of what I think 
should work.  They are as follows:

ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ cd /home/svpersonal
bash: cd: /home/svpersonal: No such file or directory
ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ cd /svpersonal
bash: cd: /svpersonal: No such file or directory
ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ cd /documents
bash: cd: /documents: No such file or directory
ubuntu at ubuntu:~$ /backup
bash: /backup: No such file or directory
ubuntu at ubuntu:~$

If I open Dolphin and while in the gui go to root looking for files and 
folders, I can find them.  For instance instead of using a shell, I can go to 
the /root/etc and look for and find the fstab file.  When I open it, I get the 
same information I get from the command line, but I am not experienced yet in 
the use of the command line.

If I merge two cd's, I use avimerge, but I first open Dolphin and locate the 
files I want to join, then I press alt (forgive me but I am getting a bit 
overloaded and I can not rememter the combination of keys that opens a shell 
below dolphin, but that is how I merge avi's.  I know how to place the correct 
command, but I use the gui method to get there, then use the shell to type in 
the command.

I am close to the time to learn this stuff raw.  I mean using the command line 
to make each step happen.  I just haven't had the time so far.

backup and svpersonal are two 500gb SATA HDD's.  I also have a /home drive all 
by itself, also 500gb.  I set it up that way, so when re-install is 
inevitable, I don't lose any data.

I don't move around much in the CLI yet.  Still, I use it whenever I am able.  
I want to learn.

I suspect at least one of my attempted moves tells you that I cannot use a 
shell to get much done while using a Live CD, but still I am able to locate 
files and copy them to a thumb drive when necessary and then transfer them to 
the Live CD OS, so that I can send the information.
> I'm not sure the (error) messages are always precise and tell you when it
> is a priviledge matter, so I would try "sudo" even in front of simple
> commands like "ls" (It may be utterly usless there, but for what little I
> know...)
> What happens with the install DVD? Can it boot the installed system, or
> just mount your drive? Could you find out from there what is really wrong
> and how to fix it? (why it went wrong is another story)
When I boot from the CD, it has its own operating system.  It runs at the 
speed of the CDrom, so it is very slow, but I can do many things, and I can 
open a shell and do some things.
> And if finally you decide to reinstall for the 41th time, if you have some
> space to spare on your drive, I would suggest you install another
> system/version alongside jaunty, from which you could try to debug it,
> because it happens that one system boots normally when the other gets stuck
> in text mode.

I have been sternly advised against that from the list.  It seemed a good idea 
to me too, but I was advised to only keep on OS on my main computer.  I have 
another computer that I will install Karamic, for instance, and could also 
include another application of Jaunty, but my main computer, I am trying to 
stabilize, learn from, and maximize its efficiency.  I really don't want to 
reinstall anymore.  When I have a problem, I want to fix the problem so I can 
grow in my knowledge.  Reinstallation works fine, but I don't learn as much.
> Concerning your mail (and addressbook and calender) I hope you know about
> the hidden .kde folder that contains (in /share/apps) the kmail, kabc and
> korganizer. It is a simple matter to recover all that or the zist of it.
> Note: it may be better to restore only the minimum from .kde because some
> files in there my cause problems (at least it used to be like this and the
> "miracle" cure was sometimes to delete or rename it altogether)

Thanks for the help, I just copied the instructions to make a CD that will do 
those things when I have to reinstall.  I got the informaiton while working 
this problem.  It is a set of command line instructions that orders all the 
things I want to save, keeping in mind that most everything is saved already 
on a HDD separate from the HDD the OS is installed on, but it will also allow 
me to automatically move some 3rd party applications that are not on the /home 
partition.  It is supposed to be fantastic.  After I use it, if you would like 
a copy, I will arange to send you a copy.  That is if I can save my emails 
from this session.  I am using a Live CD, so everytime I boot up it starts 
from scratch and I lose the stuff that I got when using it.  I very much 
appreciate your help and advice.  It would be nice to fix this problem tonight 
yet.  I am lost without full functionality of my computer.  The live CD is a 
life saver, but it can't do much that I need and want to do.

> I know how all this may be frustrating
> Perry
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