Problem with Python 2.5

Derek Broughton derek at
Thu Apr 30 18:46:30 UTC 2009

Donn wrote:

> On Thursday, 30 April 2009 16:33:10 Derek Broughton wrote:
>> And remember, Python is one of the few languages that explicitly does not
>> provide backward compatibility between releases,

> I did not find that - but I have only been around since 2.3. There have
> been additions, but no trouble running old code. Python 3.x OTOH, is a new
> ball of wax.

And you shouldn't _expect_ everything to break, particularly with minor-
version upgrades, but you should expect that things _can_ break.  It really 
isn't something that you can "not find" - it's a basic tenet of Python that 
backward compatibility is not guaranteed.  More to the point, it is to be 
actively avoided if it introduces too much complexity.

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