Sluggish bootup.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Thu Apr 30 05:17:59 UTC 2009

> I had this kind of problem sometime ago, but i don't remember if this
> was on a real machine or on a VM, and i don't really remember how i
> got it fixed (if I got).
> Anyways... your problem seens related to acpi. Yesterday there was a
> upgrade for it, try upgrading it to see if this solves your issues.
> Another option you can try is passsing noacpi as a parameter to your
> kernel. To known how to get this take a look here:
> any doubts ask around :)
> Cheers
My box is current, however, my problems have increased.  It is strange because 
I went through Jaunty alpha and beta without the problems I am currently 
experiencing.  My MB has an nVidia 780a chip, I also have an nVidia Gforce 
9600 as well as 8gb of ram.  The combination of components is why I was 
required to run Jaunty in the first place.  Additionally, I had to add to the 
boot an additional comment pci=nomsi, to get things to work properly where I 
did not have to add the comment at each boot.  I don't know what happened when 
the Rc was released.  I formatted the boot partition and installed the Rc 
fresh, and I have been having continual problems ever since.  I am going to 
have to take a rest from this for a bit and use the old box for a while.  I 
need to get a fresh start on the problem; it is starting to cause too much 
pressure.  Both Kontact and Kedit are crashing several times a day now too, to 
add to the already bug filled experience.  None of these things happened in 
Alpha or Beta.  It is hard to understand what changed so much with the Rc.  
Thanks for the help.  I am going to leave the list until I can get a quiet 
spirit again.  (That is after I answer a couple hundred emails.)


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