Flash and Linux

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at yahoo.it
Tue Apr 28 10:14:04 UTC 2009

Nigel Ridley wrote:
> Goh Lip wrote:
>> The problem is with Flash 10. It is beta and is only available for 
>> Linux. You will get the same problem with any other distro and any 
>> other browser, unless you disable Flash like you did in your Opera. 
>> Of course, you can also disable Flash in Firefox or Konqueror. I 
>> think Konqueror or Opera has the facility to disable or customize the 
>> website individually. Example, you can disable Flash in 
>> http://www.lakerda.co.il/ but allows it for other websites. Some 
>> other websites may not have this problem if they don't load multiple 
>> flash ads in them.
>> This might be helpful to you.
>> Another solution is to remove and purge Flash 10 and install Flash 9
>> from Adobe's website. (but I haven't tried this, liked the big screen too much)
>> regards,
>> Goh Lip
>> If I never went through the hard times, I would not be able to appreciate the good ones.
>>                           - - Ashley Alexandra Dupre
> Actually it is not a Flash 10 problem but a Flash + Linux in general. I remember other sites with 
> a lot of Flash content making similar problems using Flash 9.
> In that other OS there isn't a sign of any problem. So what gives in Linux?

The Linux version is not at the same technical level of the other 
versions? (I believe it's closed source, is it? So we cannot dig in the 
source code to check whether it's well done or a mess...)

> Blessings,
> Nigel

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