Background doesn't span Dual-Monitors after 9.04 Upgrade

Paul Lemmons paul at
Mon Apr 27 03:06:13 UTC 2009

Lance DeVooght wrote:
> Does anyone know how I can get a picture to span
> my dual-monitors (I'm using Xinerama) in KDE4 and Jaunty [Kubuntu]?
> Before upgrading from 8.04 I could select "All Desktops" within
> the KDesktop configuration applet.
> KDE4's "Desktop Settings - Plasma Workspace" seems to be lacking this
> option.
> TIA,
> Lance
Turns out that there are a lot of people who like this "feature". I 
don't happen to be one of them but that does not change anything. What I 
did was take my large, two screen wide image and open it in Gimp and 
split it. Then I just put the halves on the appropriate monitor and it 
has the appearance of spanning them.Not the slickest solution but it 
does work.
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