Code to change from read-only file system to read/write file system?

stevenvollom at stevenvollom at
Sat Apr 25 06:16:59 UTC 2009

Nigel Henry wrote:
> On Friday 24 April 2009 07:59, Ric Moore wrote:
>> On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 18:02 +0200, Nigel Henry wrote:
>>> With the old drive disconnected (both data, and power cables), try
>>> booting up, and see what you get. I forget how many SATA drives you have
>>> in your new machine, but if only one, it should boot into Jaunty. I
>>> suppose it is possible that the harddrive with Jaunty on it, even though
>>> new, has had a disastrous failure, which may explain the crash. P
>> If he just plugged in the old drive without setting it to slave, and
>> both were masters, wouldn't that account for a problem?
> Hi Ric.
> Well Steven resolved the problem with my suggestion above, and posted me back 
> offlist.
> His harddrive with Kubuntu Jaunty on it, is an SATA drive, and as far as I 
> know, there is no distinction between master, and slave on those, as they are 
> all on individual controllers. But the PATA controller is as we know capable 
> of having 2 devices on each cable, and master, and slave enter the equation.
> Now I assume that his optical drive is on that cable, and is set as master, 
> and I suppose that if his old drive, which he put into the machine, just to 
> transfer 250GB of data to the SATA drive, was also set as master, there would 
> likely be problems. Saying that though, Steven was able to transfer the data 
> off of that drive, before he had the bad crash.
> Now I've never mixed optical drives, and harddrives on the same cable using a 
> PATA controller, but I assume that the same master, slave relationship 
> applies, whether you have 2 optical drives, 2 harddrives, or one optical, and 
> one harddrive, for the sake of not confusing the PATA controller.
> He did ask me, again offlist, about changing the old drive to slave, 
> reconnecting it, and trying it again, as he'd like to clear all the data off 
> of it, so that he can use it for storage. I havn't yet replied on that as his 
> Jaunty install on the SATA drive is /dev/sda1, and I believe his Intrepid 
> install on the old PATA drive is also /dev/sda1. How he was able to transfer 
> the data from the old drive to the SATA one, when both are /dev/sda1, I don't 
> know, but he did it. perhaps when he did that the BIOS correctly identified 
> the SATA drive as sda, and the old PATA drive as sdb, then the crash 
> happened, and everything went pearshaped.
> I suppose it's worth changing the old drive to slave, then booting up, and 
> hoping that The SATA drive is correctly detected as sda, and the old drive is 
> detected as sdb, then he should be able to re-format the old drive, so as to 
> able to use it for data storage.
> I have many distros on my 3 machines, and have set up a simple script in 
> ~/.kde/autostart, which is named, to display an Xmessage as to 
> which distro is running. See below.
> <quote>
> #!/bin/bash
> xmessage "Kubuntu Jaunty 9.04"
> </quote>
> You need to make the script executable, but apart from that, each time you 
> login you'll get an xmessage showing which distro you are booted into.
> The main reason I mention the one liner above, is that when Steven had his 
> crash, he was a bit unsure as to if he had installed Jaunty on his new 
> machine, or whether it was Intrepid. If you do have problems remembering 
> things, it's nice to have this little xmessage telling you which distro is 
> running.
> I have an Asus mobo with 4 SATA controllers, and 1 PATA controller. I have 2 
> SATA harddrives, and one optical drive on the PATA controller. I've never 
> tried mixing both SATA harddrives, and PATA harddrives on this machine, so 
> have no experience of any problems that may arise from that.
> Apologies if I seem to be rambling on, but as always i just to help where I 
> can.
> Nigel.
I'd give you a hug if I could for rambling.  You stated that perfectly.  
I only sent you the email off list because I am unsure when my content 
is what is wanted.  In any event, I have not yet connected the PATA 
drive.  It sounds like our motherboards have an identical HDD setup.

My computer is running so great right now, I don't want to take a chance 
on screwing it up.  Things are moving so fast that applications are 
opening just slightly before I click on them, Hah!  I think I will 
reinstall the PATA back in the old box just for formatting.  Then it 
can't screw things up.  Not that much extra work anyway.  You guys are 
so great.  Thanks again.


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