Kmail is very sluggish.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Wed Apr 22 18:45:59 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 22 April 2009 2:31:02 pm Chris Jones wrote:
> > I just resolve a major crash problem with my new system.  Everything
> > works but is a bit sluggish.  That should not happen.  I have only
> > Kmail
> > up right now, and I have 8gb of ECC memory, so things should be
> > snappy.
> > When I click the mouse, there is a lag before things happen.  That
> > doesn't happen on my old computer with Intrepid as the OS and only
> > 512mb
> > of ram.  Anyone have any ideas?  Do you think it relates to the
> > resolution of the crash?  TIA
> Could do.
> Have you checked to see if there are any rogue processes running
> hogging the CPU ? ( such as by running top at the command line )
> Chris

It only appears to have about 3% total usage at any given time.  I have a 
torrent program running, but it is only using .5%  I can't see anything that 
is running any even small amount of memory.  Xorg is the greatest user at 2%.

So you think it is the mouse then?  The mouse is only a couple of months old.  
Microsoft scroll with no wires.  Batteries fresh.

It is worse than Microsoft 3.1 for speed.


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