Is Canonical against Kubuntu (2): the bug tracking disaster

GreyGeek GreyGeek at
Mon Apr 20 01:14:15 UTC 2009

Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> while this surely is not nice, may I remind you that we are talking
>> about free and open source software here.
>> Afaik you did not pay for it and you also did not pay for support.
>> So you can hardly expect to get defined problem resolution timeframes.
>> Should you need better support, you might consider to use one of the
>> "enterprise linux" distributions that are out there, waitng for you to
>> buy them.
> Why not use Windows, then? You pay for it, you get support.
> The truth is, that the issue here is not money. Ubuntu is free just as
> Kubuntu, so why the preference by Canonical devs?
> I do not think that the OP was complaining that _his_issue_ was being
> ignored, he was complaining that KDE / Kubuntu specific issues are not
> be given proper attention by *buntu developers. He is right. I could
> mention five showstopper bugs in Kubuntu 9.04 but the distro will be
> released with them anyway. Why? Because the Gnome *buntu varient is
> ready, and they want to release them together, even though the KDE
> varient has less developers assigned to it. Canonical's product is
> Ubuntu and spinoffs such as Kubuntu Xubuntu and others must make their
> own strides to keep pace, if that's what they want.
Don't you think these "showstopper bugs" are hardware related, and thus
specific to the users of that particular hardware only?

For example, I was running Mandriva 2009 PWP last fall and it could not
recognize my Intel Mobil 4 Express chipset (G45), so I had to settle for
a  VESA setup until they found the Intel driver bug and fixed it.  I had
submitted the bug in September and watched until they found a fix in the
first week of February.   Not expecting the patch to filter down for
several months I heard Kubuntu 9.04 had released an alpha ISO that
featured the KDE4.2 desktop, so I thought I'd give it a go.   I was
stunned when it automatically configured my video chip and setup 3D
accelerated video!  

So what wouldn't configure under Mandriva DID configure under Kubuntu. 
A showstopper now the main show!


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